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Aqua Erotica: 12 Stories No Boundaries
is the sequel to the bestselling Aqua Erotica: 18 Stories for a Steamy Bath, which is now in its sixth printing with more than 120,000 copies in print. The twelve original stories in this new waterproof volume explore both the possibilities and boundaries of erotic experience.

Intelligent, provocative, and very, very sexy,
this collection includes contributions by today’s hottest
erotic voices, including Mary Anne Mohanraj, Rachel
Kramer Bussel, Michael Hemmingson, Simon Sheppard,
Thomas S. Roche, Cecilia Tan, and many more.

Aqua Erotica: 12 Stories No Boundaries pushes the limits of our own private boundaries and inhibitions.

Aqua Erotica 2
Melcher Media (Editor)

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Aqua Erotica
Melcher Media (Editor)

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